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We are delighted to offer a wide range of Alda biscuits and chocolates, which are ideal as a personal treat or a gift for others. The biscuits and chocolates are very well known in the south of Italy and sell throughout Europe as a real slice of the art of Pasticceria.

Alda continues a 60 year tradition in creating sweetmeats and a range of products that abide by very strict rules: to use genuine and natural ingredients thereby enhancing and ensuring quality.

Alda Story

The sun, the sea, the olive groves, the song of the cicadas and, at the end of June, the almonds that grow wild in the countryside.

The sweets from Salento are the fruits of a simple culture which, for this reason, has endured the ages.

Alda is a company which has lived this tradition for more than 60 years. Their traditional sweets, together with the newer creations, are based on recipes which observe a golden rule: the use of natural, quality ingredients. That’s why when you taste one of our products you can taste all its flavor and goodness, with the only additive, the fresh air and fragrances from the heel of Italy.